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Top-notch Occupational Health Services in Kamloops

At Kamloops Healthcare Services, we offer a broad range of occupational health services in Kamloops including drug testing, medical exams, alcohol testing and regular health checks. We use some of the best medical equipment to administer tests and deliver accurate results in a timely manner. We have experienced nurses who are fully equipped and have the know-how of using the latest technological machines. Our team also ensures the full confidentiality of our clients and take the initiative to communicate about any unforeseen health problems once we get the reports.

Our Nurses Do Private and Confidential Testing for the Following Groups:

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Our Services

Pre-employment Physical & Medical Exams

Pre-employment medical and physical exams play a pivotal role in ensuring safety at the workplace. It is a necessary step in the employment process and may include a drug test besides a complete physical examination. It brings the potential health problems to the subject’s attention, thereby providing an avenue for correction without posing a danger to the other employees. An important consideration in such tests is maintaining confidentiality and promoting the overall wellbeing of the employees.


Spirometry Testing

Spirometry testing is an effective way to diagnose chronic lung disorders such as COPD, asthma, restrictive lung disease and other pulmonary disorders. Spirometry comprises a group of tests known as pulmonary function tests to detect the health status of your lungs. At Kamloops Healthcare Services, we have the state-of-the-art medical infrastructure and advanced technology that provides secure and accurate results for effective and timely interpretation. The hand-held spirometer KOKO® Sx 1000 that we use has been known for its dependability, high performance and low cost.

Hand-held spirometer KOKO® Sx 1000

Drug Testing

At Kamloops Healthcare Services, we provide DOT and Non-DOT tests. We have rich industry experience in providing effective drug solutions to all types of businesses. 


Breath Alcohol Testing

Alcohol tests can successfully measure the presence of alcohol in breath for up to 24 hours. We use Alco-Sensor® IV to detect the alcohol breath concentration in a person. This handheld breath alcohol tester is a widely used breath testing machine today. Our practitioners are well-versed with the application of the machine and have the expertise to analyze the results for a conclusive and dependable interpretation.

Alco-Sensor® IV

Saliva Alcohol Testing

Alcohol screening tests are reliable tests that help your healthcare provider warn you about the early signs of becoming an alcoholic. Each test follows the need to follow preventive measures to help prevent the development of addiction. Our alcohol saliva testing technicians are highly trained and carry extensive experience in the alcohol screening equipment they use. Saliva alcohol testing is highly efficient in giving the most accurate results for recent alcohol use.


Audiometry screening tests assess your ability to hear sounds. We use Tracor RA500 which is the best-in-class audiometer. It gives us the ability to customize the audiometer to fit your industrial testing needs. Having years of extensive experience in occupational hearing testing, we have become your perfect choice for getting your employees’ hearing ability tested, particularly for workers that get frequently exposed to loud sounds such as factory workers and sawmill workers.

Audiometric Screening


Vision Testing

Vision screening is a crucial testing technique if you have employees who work as truck drivers or a job that requires a perfect vision. Such procedures are often brief and can forewarn against serious health problems such as diabetes, high cholesterol and certain types of cancer. Vision testing is also helpful in diagnosing eye disorders such as cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. At Kamloops Healthcare Services, we provide basic vision testing solutions for your employees.


Lab-based full analysis providing detection of all known substances is also available.

"The “Know Your Numbers” health checks that Kamloops Healthcare Services provided our employees created a buzz around the worksite. With an overwhelming percentage of our workforce taking part, it got our employees thinking and focusing on their personal health. Employees are already asking about next year so they can see and track progress from changes they plan on making in their personal health." 

Daniel R.

Interfor - Adams Lake Division


Standardized Alcohol Testing

We use advanced high-end Alco-Sensor IV equipment to detect breath alcohol.

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