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Health and Wellness Programs in Kamloops

Benefits of a Healthy Workplace

Reduce absenteeism

Increased employee morale

Lower overall staff costs

Increased productivity levels

Reduced staff turnover (higher commitment)

Improved company image

We establish a baseline and can then provide regular checks for the following:

Blood sample tube with abnormal high cholesterol test result


ECG Patient Monitor

Cardio check

Nurse using scale to measure weight of young patient


Woman holding measuring tape around waist

Waist circumference

Female doctor measuring blood pressure of male patient

Blood pressure

Doctor checking blood sugar level with glucometer


A recent study by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - USA) has determined that loss of productivity due to employee absenteeism can cost a company as much as $1,685 per employee per year. Due to this, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of employers providing health and wellness programs to their employees. While these programs aren’t as prolific in Canada, there has been an increase in the number of companies utilizing these services and for a good reason, considering the costs that wellness programs can help alleviate. Kamloops Healthcare Services offers on-site testing services to kickstart your company’s health and wellness program right at your place in Kamloops.


Some of the more common components of wellness programs include testing an individual’s cholesterol, body mass index (BMI), glucose levels and body fat percentage. The tests performed provide opportunities to find markers of potential issues before they become too large.

“Kamloops Healthcare Services offered Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership an incredibly comprehensive service, providing 100s of our employees with personalized health assessment."

Sam Costa

Teck Highland Valley Copper Partnership

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Biometric Screening

Occupational Health Services

High Quality, Tailored Services at a Competitive Price

Keeping employees healthy, productive and motivated is a constant challenge. You need solutions and options that exceed the traditional health and injury care offered by most organizations.


Improve Your Employees’ Productivity

Did you know that regular personalized health assessments can help to improve the overall productivity of your employees?

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